NE6PM & The Grey Radio Gang

NE6PM is the call sign for the legacy radio station on board the Battleship Iowa Museum moored in the Port of Los Angeles. During the Iowa’s (BB61) active Navy duty the ships call sign was NEPM which is still used annually for the Armed Forces Day cross band event. 

The Battleship Iowa Innovation Engineering and Technology group, which is responsible for restoration and operation of the ships 1982 vintage communications systems, operates the legacy station when testing equipment performance, maintenance, and during special events. 

It takes a minimum of four operators to put NE6PM on the air. One operator to monitor the R-1051 receivers located on the main deck in FACCON1. One operator is “on air” making contacts via one of the many “red phone” stations which are located throughout the ship. And two to monitor the URT-23 transmitters located two decks below the communications center. Presently operation is predominantly on SSB but RTTY and CW will be added in the near future.  A scheduled legacy equipment operation usually takes place during the second Saturday morning of each calendar quarter from 1600z to 1900z.  Days may vary depending on equipment status and operator availability. NE6PM typically operates on 14.243 MHz USB and 7.243 MHz LSB. If you hear the station please give a call. Signal reports are appreciated. Please send an SASE if you would like a QSL card.  

The Battleship Iowa Amateur Radio Association (BIARA) operates the primary Iowa station, NI6BB, using commercial amateur equipment and the original Iowa communication antennas. Look for NI6BB on SSB, CW, and on FT8.