Battleship IOWA Commemorates Iowa Statehood

Aboard the IOWA 250 S. Harbor Blvd, Berth 87, Los Angeles, CA

Battleship IOWA Amateur Radio Association's NI6BB will be on the air from 1600 to 2359 UTC to commemorate Iowa statehood in 1846. Anticipated frequencies will be 7043, 7243. 10121, 14043, 14243, 18080 or 18143 all depending on operator participation and conditions. QSL to address as shown at

Four Chaplains Day

This day commemorates the events of February 3, 1943, when the troop ship USAT Dorchester sank. Dorchester left New York on January 23, 1943, carrying 4 chaplains and about 900 others as a part of convoy of three ships. It was torpedoed by German submarine U-223 off Newfoundland at 12:55 a.m. When Dorchester began to … Continue reading Four Chaplains Day

BIARA Honors Battleship IOWA’s Birthday

Aboard the IOWA 250 S. Harbor Blvd, Berth 87, Los Angeles, CA

The Battleship IOWA Amateur Radio Association will be on the air with NI6BB to honor our lady's initial commissioning this day in 1943. Time: 1600 to 2400 UTC Freqs: ending in 43 or 61 on 40, 20 and possibly 17 meters, conditions permitting Modes: SSB, CW & FT8 QSL per

National Vietnam War Veterans Day

March 29 was chosen as National Vietnam War Veterans Day because on March 29, 1973, Military Assistance Command, Vietnam (MACV) was disbanded and the last U.S. combat troops departed the Republic of Vietnam. The last unit was elements of MACV's Infantry Security Force (Special Guard), actually special couriers.

World Amateur Radio Day

Every April 18, radio amateurs worldwide take to the airwaves in celebration of World Amateur Radio Day. It was on this day in 1925 that the International Amateur Radio Union was formed in Paris. Amateur Radio experimenters were the first to discover that the short wave spectrum — far from being a wasteland — could support worldwide propagation. In the rush … Continue reading World Amateur Radio Day