BIARA Membership

The Battleship Iowa Amateur Radio Association (BIARA) is an association of radio amateurs whose purpose is the support of radio activities on, or associated with, the Battleship Iowa.

Operation of the Battleship Iowa is under the control of the Pacific Battleship Center (PBC). While BIARA is and will continue to be an organization separate from PBC, with the exception of “DX Membership,” regular members of BIARA shall be required to become volunteers of PBC and abide by all volunteer guidelines and directives as may be established by PBC; including, but not limited to, completion of a volunteer application, having a PBC issued ID Card, and attending a volunteer orientation.


Information on becoming a USS Iowa volunteer can be obtained at:

Regular Membership
Due to the necessity of a tight control of activities and in cooperation with PBC, BIARA is not an open organization. Technical, professional, personal and team skill assets weigh heavily in the association’s recruiting and assessment process. Application does not guarantee acceptance into the association.

DX Membership
For those unable to participate aboard ship as a PBC Volunteer (for instance not living locally) but wishing to support the efforts of BIARA, a non-voting “DX Membership” classification has been established. Your membership and support of BIARA is most appreciated. Please submit the same application.

Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st. Dues may be submitted by check (made out to BIARA), cash, or via the PayPal link below.

You can download a membership application in .pdf format. It is formatted to be filled out on the computer, then Save As with your name and/or callsign, and send your completed form to our Treasurer (as indicated on the form).

Click on the button below to download the membership application. Members who are renewing – maintenance of dues currency maintains your application in an active status (please notify the Treasurer of any new license or contact changes).

2024 BIARA Membership Application

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