Museum Ships Weekend Operating Event 6/3-4/2023

The Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station

As of May 30, 100 ships have signed up to participate, including the Iowa. This is NOT a contest! It is a FUN Event!

All stations that work at least 15 different ships of those participating (listed here) will receive a certificate if they send a copy of their log entries. Working the same ship on different frequencies or different modes DOES NOT count as 2 ships. Working a ship not listed will not count.

While operation on any amateur frequency is allowed, most ships will be operating in the General portion of the bands. Some ships could also be on PSK31, FT4/8, or 3880 KHz – 3885 KHz and 7290 KHz AM with either their ship’s original equipment or with modern equipment.

More information is available at

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