history-ham-radio History of Ham Radios | The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation

Mo Rocca speaks to Kristen Gallerneaux about the history of Ham radio and its operators. Ham radio can be thought of as the Walkie-Talkie of yore. Ham radio, a type of two-way radio, got its start circa 1927 when the U.S. Government dedicated a certain amount of the radio spectrum to amateur operators. Radio operators would search for an open frequency and try to communicate with other people across the country and world.

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This WWII training film familiarizes radio operators with Vacuum Tubes. As the film explains, these are the devices used in radios that control electric current between electrodes in an evacuated container. Vacuum tubes mostly rely on thermionic emission of electrons from a hot filament or a cathode heated by the filament. The grid and filament forming the tube are explained, as are some basic circuits, and a couple of electronics packages are shown.

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welcome-to-la USS Iowa – Welcome to Los Angeles

Battleship Iowa is towed to her new home in the harbor of Los Angeles and the two brigantines Exy and Irving Johnson of the Los Angeles Maritime Institute are leading the parade. Dozens of sailing and motor boats, fire boats,police and Coast Guard vessels are are escorting her to her new home in San Pedro. Starting July 7, 2012 she will open to the public as a museum .

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warships-size Warships Size Comparison

A Size Comparison Video of 54 Warships launched in the first half of 20th Century. Note: The displacement or displacement tonnage of a ship is its weight based on the amount of water its hull displaces at varying loads and should not be confused with measurements of volume or capacity typically used for commercial vessels, such as net tonnage, gross tonnage, or deadweight tonnage.

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comes-home Battleship IOWA Comes Home

The ship has been in San Pedro over five years now (1/1/18). The marketing campaign and fundraising efforts are picking up steam. We are close to fulfilling our promise to turn Iowa into a world-class museum and visitor experience. If you haven’t visited the ship lately, you should come down and see her again!

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la-fleet-week-2018 2018 LA Fleet Week – Five ships Arrived

Three of the ships came in on Tuesday, 28 August. The final two arrived on Friday, 31 August, just in time for the long Labor Day Weekend. It was quite a weekend.

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dxing DXing and DXpeditions

Curious about DXing, Here’s a video describing two of the fascinating aspects of amateur radio, DXing and DXpeditions.

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antennas Battleship IOWA Antennas Review Manual Slideshow Rev C

Curious about the IOWA’s communications antennas. Mathew C Orlich, WA6AJC, has created a slideshow to show you what they look like, where they are mounted, and to explain how they are used.

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comm-officer-afloat The Communications Officer Afloat (released 1974)

This 1974 Navy documentary examines the duties and daily routines of two Communications Officers. One serves on board a destroyer escort, the other an aircraft carrier. This film features extensive footage of 1970’s Navy warships. Source: Naval History and Heritage Command, Photographic Section, UM(O)-41.

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16-inch-gun-turret-video Turret Crawl

Join us for a behind the scenes below deck tour inside the IOWA’s 16″ gun turrets with Mike Getscher, VP of Operations as we watch him crawl through the ship and learn how the gun crew operated these guns.

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raising-guns-video The Big Sticks – Raising the Guns

Rich Koehnen, former USS New Jersey Crewmember, guides us behind the scenes aboard the IOWA to explain how the crew managed to raise the 16″ gun barrels and refit the bloomers.

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shells-arrive-video Shells Arrive

The navy donated inert, practice rounds to the ship. They had to travel from Crane, Indiana, to San Pedro. The challenge was to schedule four different railroads and a local cargo handling contractor to get them to the ship.

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adam-the-woo-video Exploring the OFF LIMIT Areas of the Battleship IOWA

Join Adam The Woo on an extended, 30 minute, guided tour of ship’s nooks and crannies from the Captain’s quarters to the steam turbines to loading the 5″ guns.

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Panoramic Images

panoramic-images 140+ Panoramic Images Aboard the IOWA

View the IOWA from top to bottom in high resolution panoramic images from the 012 Level down to the Seventh Deck. Using your keyboard you can examine a 360 degree view of each location as well as zooming in for even more details.

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